Storage and Shipment Requirement

Storage and Shipment Requirement

Danger and Warning and Caution in handing the battery

Danger Warning: Danger warning (it should be described in manual or instruction for users, indicated especially) To prevent the possibility of the battery from leaking, heating, explosion...

Lithium ion battery still need to be vigilant security hidden danger daily maintenance have?

At present the most intelligent mobile phone battery is lithium ion battery. Lithium ion battery is the advantages of small volume, and very durable, but this does not mean that the lithium ion battery won't be a problem. Professional personage says lithium ion battery and other than the battery actually need more maintenance. Use lithium ion battery should be paid attention to some items:

Polymer lithium battery can be spread to electronics in all areas?

As the international 3 g market gradually mature, and rapidly rising smartphone penetration, polymer lithium ion battery is going to be the mainstream of the future mobile phone batteries, and the corresponding will also drive the rapid rise in its market penetration. According to statistics, in 2009, polymer lithium ion battery in the application of mobile phone batteries, 10.7% by 2012, polymer lithium ion battery application proportion has r

Lithium electricity positive materials market fierce competition in the Chinese and foreign enterprises in China who can "thrive"?

It is understood that the anode materials is a key material of lithium ion battery four, about 30 to 40% of the cost of battery, is to determine the battery safety, performance, cost and life of the key materials. Lithium-ion battery anode materials mainly include cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium, nickel cobalt manganese ternary material, lithium iron phosphate, etc., performance and price of each has its characteristics, and has been

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